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Kindred Spirits

Since this year Kindred Spirits has been closed. Mainly because I am back in college, also because I am not interested anymore to keep KS up. I will keep the snippets online for those who are interested in coding though.

Kindred Spirits was a nice project, I learned a lot there. I learned a little of coding, I learned to build a website. But there are other things in life, that are more of my interest at this moment.

Of course you can still email me atKindred Spirits.

New to kindred Spirits Thirzah's Weblog. What's going on in the mind of an immortal. Daily updates will be posted.

Christian Sites

Listed here are some good sites on christian faith. Sites that are excellent in christian scollarship. Read the qualifications to proof if you are a fundi atheist and have a good laugh. Look up verses from the bible right here: Search the bible Read psalm 22, the psalm of Jesus.

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Paint Shop Pro and HTML

I am redoing this page. I will show some of my lessons I am taking at PSP-Mamma's. This is a dutch email-group. You are taught how to design beautiful stationary and put them in nifty scripts. It's still under construction, since I have to upload around about 120 pictures.

Also I started HTML-lessons at Webdesign Groep. Here you can find my lessons. There is not much to see yet. Since I am just starting.

Also I am a member of this group: PSP-design. This group has a new theme every week. When your creation wins, you are the one who can come up with a new theme. Actually with one of their lessons I fall in love with psp. The lesson was called Porcelain Dream.

Also I have to mention how proud I am of my 11 year old daughter. She is already "webmiss" of two sites. She is even better in using Paint Shop Pro. She owns a fansite about the television series "Winx". Her second site is about manga and contains her own artwork. You can find it here!

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Israel is under continious fire by the European Union, The United Nations and the Islamic World. Israel is Gods people and Gods people only. As christians it's our duty to support Israel 100%. Sometimes I'm ashamed to be Dutch, because my country especially when the leftist have the majority in Parliament, they do not support Israel claiming Israel is wrong. Well Israel isn't wrong. Israel is fighting terrorism. That's one hard and tough job to do as a country that is even smaller then the Netherlands.

Click here for the latest news about Israel.



Psalm 83 is a very important psalm, here. You will see a beautiful presentation.

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Graphics and Art

The world wide web contains some beautiful art. I have provided my favourite links. Backgrounds by Marie is linked because the website background is from her site. Daydream Graphics gets credit because their tutorial on CSS provided me the chance to finally get the layout I had in mind.

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Our credits area. All persons who made this website possible will be mentioned in this place. So check there as well, you never know if by visiting them you get more ideas.

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The background image on this page is made by Backgrounds by Marie.

"Neshamot Achayot" (kindred spirits)
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